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The AJA KiStor Dock is a media reader for use with AJA KiStor storage modules. AJA KiStor storage modules are used with the AJA Ki Pro and Ki Pro Rack tapeless video recorders. The KiStor Dock may be connected to a host computer by either a Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 cable connection. Both connection types provide high speed data transfer capabilities.


The AJA KiStor Dock features a single slot for the insertion of an AJA KiStor storage module. The dock features Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectors as well as a rugged, industrial-strength case making it suitable for studio or field use.

AJA Ki Stor Dock High-Capacity, Reliable Media

  • When you unpack your product you’ll find the following components:

    • AJA KiStor Dock unit

    • AC power supply


    Please save all packaging in case you need to ship the product in the future.

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